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Dehydrated prepared food and topinambur chips – from Finland

Paahka offers you better ordinary and snacking.

Good food is very important for you and it’s fun to try new flavours, right? Besides good food is of course healthy and it’s as little processed as possible.

Plus you want food that’s made with responsibility: the less food production stresses the nature, the better.


If you had time, you’d maybe buy the ingredients from a local market and cooked your meals by yourself from beginning to end. But weekdays are usually busy, and sometimes it’s too complicated to find out the healthiness, responsibility and origin of the products at store shelfs. If you think that…

  • life has to have great flovours, but the healthier you can put it the better. 
  • nature is important and it’s necessary to retain it for the next generation.
  • making the right choices in weekdays has to be easy and tasty.

We think the same as you. Our targer is to make good and at the same time delicious choices easier in your weekdays.



In Kalajoki, Himanka at our farm we have been growing potato for long, but Paahka began in mothers day 2018. Then we planted the first topinambur in the field. The preservation of topinambur after picking up from the ground was the biggest problem, we searched a solution for this feverishly. Hanne had an idea, that we could try dehydrating it…and oh boy that idea got a big start for us!

We realised, that with dehydrating vegetables, we get products that last long without any additives.

We developed products, tried flavour combos, and started Paahka Oy at 2021. Paahka has grown into a product family, that includes dehydrated prepared food and chips made with topinambur.

Sarjiskuva Hannesta ja Pekasta
Hanne and Pekka